Breakfast in Paris! – Top 5 Must-Try Breakfast in Paris

Breakfast in Paris! - Top 5 Must-Try Breakfast

Breakfast in Paris or Brunch!

For the past few years, Brunch has simply become part of the French culture. What better place to enjoy your late breakfast than in the heart of France, the capital, Paris. It’s charm will drag you into this city like no other. Here are the 5 best places in Paris to enjoy delicious brunch whether you’re with your girlfriends, partner, family or you just want to enjoy some quiet time alone.

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1. La Chambre Aux Oiseaux

La Chambre Aux Oiseaux

La Chambre Aux Oiseaux is one of the most popular brunch places with a cozy atmosphere. If you want to have a brunch here, you need to reserve a week ahead. Don’t worry, it’s totally worth it. You can choose from a wide selection of foods including bread, fruit, fresh fruit juices, coffee, salads, eggs and delicious desserts. What about the price? Less than 20 euros.

2. Le O’Paris

Le OParis Breakfast Brunch in Paris

Would you like to experience a beautiful view of the city while you’re on your brunch? Le O’Paris is the right choice. Breads, cakes, home–made jams, eggs, bacon, potatoes and even more tasty treats. Sunny late morning is a perfect time to enjoy brunch on a patio in front of the Le O’Paris.

3. Gentle Gourmet Café

Gentle Gourmet Café in Paris

If you’re lover of organic, healthy and vegan food, this place is the one for you. Gentle Gourmet Café offers different raw, vegan and gluten–free options. Whether you choose fresh salad or delicious raw cake you won’t be disappointed. The Café is also known for being a Bookcrossing zone, so feel free to pick up a free book and have a good read while enjoying your brunch.

4. Café Charlot

Cafe Charlot in Paris

Always lively spot has a wide selection of delicious foods. Scrambled eggs, egg bread, fresh fruit juice, fruit salads and more. The interior is in Parisian 50s’ style and the outside offers a sunny terrace. Start your day here before exploring the streets of Le Mari’s and shopping in the local streets.

5. Kinugawa

Kinugawa Restaurant in France

Do you want something more special and exotic? Kinugawa offers a Bento Brunch for Sundays that features miso soup, sushi, salmon, different sweet pastries and freshly squeezed fruit juice. Kinugawa has a simple modern look with few accent pieces. This place is made for a perfect stylish brunch.

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Those were some of the best brunches in Paris. Whatever you’re looking for whether it’s a delicious food, charming or cozy atmosphere, beautiful view… these places can offer it to you. So what are you waiting for? Go, explore new places, eat and have fun!