Where to Eat Cheap in Paris

Paris is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the continental Europe. It has numerous posh and especially expensive restaurants. Those ones get often full due to unending visits of tourists from all over the world to Paris. In such a situation, it would be hard to get a restaurant where you will comfortably eat and more importantly where you can eat on a budget with your children. Don’t be discouraged! Through this post, we compiled a list of the places where to eat cheaply in Paris. You will definitely be spoilt for choice!

Breihz Cafe

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The restaurant is found in Cancale, Brittany and its interior is built of pale wood. The average main course dishes offered costs between 7 and 15 Euros. At the restaurant, a variety of dishes is offered including creuse oysters and buckwheat galette made with smoked herring and potatoes.

Breakfast in America

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It offers typical American dishes like fried eggs, bacon, fluffy pancakes, and juicy burgers. Main dishes cost between 8 and 12 Euros and brunch costs about 16 Euros. The brunch menu offers delicacies like eggs and sausages with fries and toast or a Connecticut ham and cheesy omelet.

Chez Hanna

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Chez Hanna occupies the third position on our list of the places where to eat cheaply in Paris. The restaurant falls along Rue des Rosier street in Paris. It offers shawarma sandwiches and falafel among other sweet dishes. With 4 Euros, you can take away vegetables, tahini sauce and the pita sandwich that has crispy chicken pea-and-herb balls. Main dishes in the restaurant will cost you between 12 and 16 euros.


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The most renowned dish from the restaurant is the two gallate layers that have middle fillings. After the delicious dish, you get a dessert of Crepe de Froment. The overall budget should be less than 20 Euros. The main courses offered to go for 9 Euros.

Le Nemrod

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The restaurant offers mainly the Croque Monsieur dish; that is a cheese and ham sandwich. You can also have an egg added to your Croque Monsieur. There is Croque poilane that costs 10 Euros and is incredibly delicious.

The restaurants mentioned above are just but a few of the numerous restaurants in Paris where you can eat with your kids. They offer both local and international delicacies; you, therefore, have a wide variety to choose from without lacking a choice.