Best Paris Hidden Places for a Romantic New Year’s Eve Night

In the search of the perfect spot for a night with your partner, difficult to combine intimacy, romance and originality! The 5  Paris Hidden Places that are proposed, should help you …

To play it like James Bond

Yeeels is the ideal spot for a bling-bling evening. You immediately notice the decoration of the restaurant halfway between New York in the 1920s and the parisian lounge, its livelinesss and huge staircase surrounded by brass. quite a masterpiece! You can enjoy roasted octopus or truffl burrata alongside business men and jet setters. Later, we imagine ordering at the bar a cocktail “shaker, not with a spoon” before dancing all night on the sounds of the DJ and enjoy the intimacy of the alcoves …


Yeeels Restaurant Paris

To Be Spellbound!

Bubbles, mezze, a warm atmosphere, the formula proposed by Dacouar has everything of a perfect date! We quickly feel at home in this bar with visible stones and artsy decoration. Rare thing, here, we drink champagne and we eat exquisite dishes without fuss and without breaking the bank. The must-have for a romantic evening? A houmous with truffle oil and a bottle of rosé champagne to share! And if the feeling lives up to the expectations, we continue the evening on a sofa of the vaulted cellar …

Dacouar Restaurant in Paris

For a culinary experience

If Virtus is the ideal restaurant for a night out in a duet, it is because its two chefs, Chiho and Marcelo, make a great couple as well in kitchen as in real life! À la carte, each day new subtle creations, fresh and often iodized and a selection of wines to fall. In front of the refinement of the plates brought in the hall by Chiho in person, one can only believe in the magic of love!

Virtus Restaurant Paris

To climb to the 7th sky

Perched on the 7th floor of the Hotel Terrass, you have the choice: start your tête-à-tête on the rooftop, at a table offering a breathtaking point of view on Paris, or on one of the scales favorable to confidences. Unless, you prefer to be indoors, in a design space brightened up at night by candles. If you do not find your happiness among the 16 cocktail signatures, a customized creation will be concocted for you. This will surely make you feel a little privileged …

Bar du Terrass in Paris


 To play it select

La Mano, is the kind of secret places where one likes to have their entries and to share with one self. A perfect mix between the trendy, this club has been taken over by the team of the Baron -, and the casual, where we meet people under mirror ball without breaking the bank too much. Once inside, you can unwind freely on music, sometimes popular, sometimes sharp and sometimes tropical, when you do not taste tequilas and Mexican dishes on rattan armchairs.

La Mano in Paris