Paris Nightlife: Where to Go and What to Expect

Think of every French “cliche” you’ve read in books or seen on TV! If you’ve been watching the same TV as I have, every one of them will eventually have involved cheese, wine, and bread on a Saturday afternoon. Nevertheless, France is certainly known for its abundance of stylish and posh places to eat out and party. With this in mind, we’ve prepared for you a nice post about Paris’ Nightlife.  The choice is yours!

Just like with any City, Paris isn’t booming with nightlife across the map. Where you end up partying can mean the difference between a disappointing bus ride home right after sundown, a headache and sleep debt the day after, and anything in between. Where you go depends on who you’re, with and what you plan on achieving.

For the most part, Paris’ best places to frequent, after the sun goes down, situate in its northern districts. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it there. Being a large city, the northern portion of Paris is broken up into several districts, each of which tends to have its own “theme,” per say.

If your idea of fun is partying all night in Toronto on Canada Day, New York on the fourth of July or any major city throughout Germany during Oktoberfest, you may want to check out Pigalle. Pigalle is filled with great bars and even greater crowds. It’s also filled with sex and those who like to party a bit more than the next guy. It may not be the place to go for a quiet date, though it may appeal to the younger crowd looking to hop from bar to bar, drinking all the while. No doubt then, that Pigalle is a cornerstone that makes Paris’ nightlife pretty charming.

Montmartre is the place to go for casual tourism. Longing for a beautiful view while you enjoy anything from some greasy bar food to fine seafood? Montmartre is the place to be! It’s what postcards are made out of. If bars and clubs are your things, Bastille is then your spot. Filled with loud music and lights, those looking for a fast-paced nightlife will appreciate this area of town.

No matter what you’re looking for in a night scene, you’re sure to find it in Paris. Tourists and residents alike may find themselves drawn to northern Paris time and time again. For single tourists and child-free couples, getting a glimpse into Paris’ nightlife should be considered a necessity both when staying for the weekend or passing through on a larger trip. With a bit of prior research, it’s impossible to leave disappointed.