10 Places Around Paris For a Family Trip

Have you ever been to Paris? Such a typical question to ask but there is a reason for it. This beautiful city is the perfect place for your journey and there is no doubt that a family trip can even be a better option. Take your kids and show them how marvelous Paris could be.


When you arrive in Paris with your kids take a one-day family trip to Disneyland. With the great activities you can have there, your children will have a lifetime experience. You can be attracted by amazing Adventure Isle, Alice curious labyrinth or Star Tours adventure. Take a riding tour with your kids and show them animations and high-quality cinema program. They can also meet their favorite Disney characters, take pictures with them and have fun.



The “Foire du trône”  is a famous fair that takes place in the 12th district of Paris. It’s a great opportunity to take your family there as it offers a full program with rides, children attractions, a Ferris wheel and other attractions. It takes place from March to May and we highly recommend it.



Asterix park is also a great place for a family trip. It is popular for those who like motives of the Roman empire as the whole place is composed of different heroes. Actually, Asterix is a French hero who helped to resist Romans from conquering ancient Gaul in France. There are many things for your children as long as lasting rides, animation and shows to satisfy the whole family.


The Auroville shopping center is another place in Paris where you can have a great family trip. It is filled with different programs and there are a lot of things for children. They can enjoy moving and amazing exhibitions. Moreover, there are some sports activities like swimming, golf, bicycle rides, tennis or fitness.


Days out with the kids could also be spent in Vincennes Zoo. It is quite an old place that has been recently restored. Your kids can visit the aquarium and enjoy a 3-hour walk alongside the animals. The highlight of Paris zoo is definitely its lions, jaguars, and giraffes.


Vincennes and its castle is another place to take your family. It is located in the east of Paris and has been famous for its royal weddings. It is now a museum dedicated to French history. This wonderful place is surrounded by the park Le Bois de Vincennes where your kids can enjoy skating, riding or just relax.



You can also spend days out with the kids at Vincennes Racecourse, a stunning place for those who enjoy horse races. Both children and parents can have great fun there and it is also a gorgeous place to visit.


A theory zoological park is also a good place for a family trip.Here you can take a safari tour to take a look at the park´s 800 animals, visit the botanical gardens and the castle or even take your kids to the zoo´s great labyrinth. There are also plenty of hotels nearby if you want to take your time visiting the zoo since there is so much to see.


“Stade de France” is the right place for those who prefer sports events. It would be nice to attend a football match of French national team and kids are always happy about such big events.


Enghien-Les-Bains is also a wonderful place to take your family to. It is located 11 km north of Paris and we recommend you to take your family to have lunch at one of the many beautiful restaurants alongside the famous lake.