35 Amazing Places to visit in Paris

If you are in Paris for a long trip or just a weekend stay, you should visit those amazing places on the list.

1- L’Avant-Comptoir

With L’avant Comptoir restaurant, you’ll taste the flavor of the Paris city with the chef Yves Camdeborde, This next door restaurant offers the best sandwich in the city, the cold plates are on the menu too. The menu is cheap.

2- The Communist Party headquarters


The Communist Party Headquarters was designed by Oscar Niemeyer, It hosts several fashion shows and movies. The access to the building is limited, but you can admire the view from the outside.

3- Père Lachaise Cemetery

Le Père Lachaise Cemetery is where some famous French icons are buried such as Moliere, Proust, etc. For this reason, you should visit this cemetery.

4- The Canal Saint-Martin

You can take a tour in The Canal Saint-Martin, it deserves a try.

5- Merci Store

With two coffees shop, a restaurant, the Merci Store is designed the coolest way, it’s a nice and creative store concept.

6- Rue Crémieux


Located in the 12th arrondissement, La Rue Crémieux gather colorful houses and village vibe. The small pedestrian street includes all of Paris craziness.

7- The Parc des Buttes-Chaumont


The Parc des Buttes-Chaumont is located in the north of Paris, it proposes some amazing views, unfortunately, it is the less touristy park in the city.

8- The Riverfront


Taking a tour along the Paris Seine, you’ll catch the most known Paris sights, it’s worth a try.

9- The Palais de Tokyo


The Palais de Tokyo, an artistic space dedicated to contemporary art, the Palais is nearby the Seine and the Eiffel Tower.

10- The Comptoir Général



The Paris hipster central, The comptoire Générale is a café and art space, it’s located by the Canal Saint-Martin. It’s open every day if you want to experience the intensity of the place.

11- The Jardin du Luxembourg



For a break from the busy Paris life, The Jardin du Luxembourg is the best place for that.

12- Jacques Génin


You are in a trip to Paris, you love the chocolates or not, you should try the Jacques Génin’s chocolates and hot cocoa.

13- The Passage des Panoramas


Built in the 18th century, The historical Passage des Panoramas has preserved his authenticity all these years.

14- The French National Library


The French National Library, the home of the Parisian students, you will find in the neighborhood good places where to eat and drink.

15- The Jardin des plantes


The Jardin des plantes, The botanical Paris garden gather thousands of preserved species. For you Paris tourists, the garden offers a gallery of this rare and preserved species.

16- Du Pain et des Idées


If you search for a good and original bakery in Paris, you may admire Du Pain et des Idées bread and croissant.

17- Les Déserteurs Restaurant


If you want to try the traditional and delicious brasserie of Paris, Le Déserteur restaurant is where to go.

18- Breizh Café


Breizh Café is the place where you’ll find the best crêpes in the city.

19- Le Grand Rex


Gathering the most spectacular cinema room where you can see movies and shows, The giant movie theater Le Grand Rex was built in the 1930s, decorated with the “Mediterranean” painting. You can furthermore enjoy the building’s fascination history.

20- The Great Mosque of Paris


The Great Mosque of Paris, an art piece built in 1926 with a beautiful garden, after walking around the place, you can enjoy a mint tea and the best Arabic pastries in the city of Paris.

21- Saint-Ouen Flea Market


The market is located in Paris north. Known as the biggest flea market in the world, Saint-Ouen Flea Market is a good way to spend an afternoon in Paris city.

22- Le Bon Marché


Le Bon Marché mean “Good Deal” in English, but not as much for this market, It is not that cheap. You can go there as an alternative if you want to avoid the crowd.

23- The Palais Royal


The Palais Royal is the mirror of a mix of historical and modern architecture. The Palais was built in the 17th century, It was the home of Cardinal Richelieu. Since 1986, The Palais is the Home of the contemporary art installation by the French artist Daniel Buren. If you get there, you’ll enjoy the beautiful gardens of the place.

24- Villa Léandre


Getting out from the crowd of Paris City, you should take The Villa Léandre street, a hidden beautiful and picturesque alley of the very touristy Montmartre.

25- The Arab World Institute


The Arab World Institute, the amazing building hosts a collection of Arabic art history. If you are a solo traveler, you can go to the roof to enjoy the view of the river and the Notre Dame de Paris.

26- Molitor


This artistic swimming pool was renovated and reopened recently, The Molitor affords you a hotel room overlooking the pool. It’s Worth a try.

27- The Galerie Vivienne


One of the prettiest shop galleries in the city, The Galerie Vivienne is a place where to go if you want to enjoy back in time la Belle Epoque of the 19th century.

28- The Marché des Enfants Rouges


Le Marché des Enfants Rouges is the most charming market (The oldest one too) in Paris. You will find there the best Moroccan food. Other cuisine ingredients are also served.

29- The Church of Saint-Serge


To escape the busy Paris life, you can go to This Russian Orthodox church. The Church of Saint-Serge in the 19th arrondissement offers an unexpected beautiful sight.

30- Rue Montorgueil

Traversing the center of the city, La rue Montorgueil is one of the longest street in Paris. Small shops o cafés are lined along this alley making it often crowded. It Crosses the 1st and the 2nd arrondissements straight to Les Halles.

31- The Opéra Garnier


You visit Paris, you like the classic dance, you can join the Parisians to the magnificent Opera Garnier to witness The ballet shows.

32- The Aligre Market


The cheapest market in Paris and the most known among locals. The Aligre Market offers a diverse selection of cheeses and dried sausage. After shopping, you can enjoy the cafés around the market.

33- The Coulée Verte


To run off the noise of the Paris city, you can take a long walk with your beloved one along with The Coulée Verte.

34- Passage Jouffroy


In the 9th arrondissement, there are a hidden small passages ceiled with glass, this touristy place gathers antique shops, candy store and bookstores. You are an Instagram artist, you should go there.

35- The Musée d’Orsay


Less touristy than The Louvre Museum, The Musée d’Orsay is built in an old train station. The museum is the home of the largest Impressionist collection.