Paris Shopping : TOP 5 Second-Hand Shops in Paris

Paris, the glamorous capital of France, is indeed heaven on earth for shoppers, from Lafayette to the boutiques on Champs-Elysées. Yet, the city has even much more to offer for the ones who are interested in vintage and second-hand shopping.

1. Free’P’Star

Founded in 1994, Free’P’Star has three stores and all of them are located in Marais. Known well by the tourists, the stores are quite tempting with favorable prices. You can find pieces starting from five euros. All of the three stores are open every day and new pieces arrive every week. Despite being extremely crowded all the time, the shop remains to be extremely popular since 1994.


2. Kilo Shop

As famous as the one before, Kilo Shop is a large store dedicated to vintage shopping. It is also located in Marais. Offering two floors of precious pieces, the store is open every day. What is special about Kilo Shop is revealed by its name, Kilo. You pay according to the weight of what you would like to buy. It is very well organized and definitely worth stopping by.


3. Hippy Market

Located around Etienne Marcel area, Hippy Market is also a touristy spot. The shop has a large collection of clothes dating back to 60’s. Open every day until eight in the evening, it is special for true vintage lovers looking for timeless pieces.


4. Come on Eileen

Come on Eileen is a true vintage store, located in the Bastille area. As soon as you enter the shop, the vintage atmosphere welcomes you, thanks to the lovely interior design. Here, you can easily find pieces by Chanel, Dior, Hermes, Lanvin and many more designers. Being very spacious and offering a lot, the store is a bit on the pricey side. Yet, it is for sure quality shopping worth every penny.


5. Tilt Vintage

Located in Marais as well, Tilt Vintage is a small shop with many pieces. Unlike the other vintage stores, they do have a lot of sales and actually an online shopping site. Resembling a boutique by its interior and exterior design, this is yet another great option for second-hand shopping especially if you happen to be there during sales.