Shopping Streets in Paris: 10 Best Shopping Streets in Paris

Before you begin to do the shopping in the best shopping streets in Paris, remember that the main stores in Paris usually open from 10 am until 7 pm. They are closed on Sundays except for shops in Carrousel du Louvre, Avenue Champs-Elysées, the Marais district or Sevres-Babylone.

10 Best Shopping Streets


For travelers and bargain shoppers, you should know that Paris has two sales periods:
– Summer sales begin Wednesday, June 25th and end Tuesday, July 29th.
– Winter sales start around 8 January each year.

For a period of six weeks, all the shops in Paris offer many discounts to liquidate their stocks of the past season. (Discounts can sometimes reach – 70%).

Paris offers a large choice of shopping boutiques with cheap prices. Often likened to the city of light, shopping in Paris is not limited only to shop in the chic boutiques or the many designer shops located in the city. Small shops and flea markets also coexist with them in the city of lights. There are items with affordable prices in Paris, enough to satisfy even the most modest budgets.

While the luxury stores and department stores are mostly situated along the boulevards of Paris. Other shops are dispersed throughout the various districts of the capital. Through this post, we reveal to you the Top Famous Street in Paris. You will be spoilt for choice!


Here are our 10 Best Shopping Streets in Paris

01 – Avenue Montaigne

Avenue Montaigne comes into the First position as to the Top 10 best shopping streets in Paris. This infamous street in the 9th department is between the Rue de Rennes and the Place de l’Alma (Alma-Marceau Station), near the Seine.


This is the place to find shops specializing in high fashion, such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and where is located Christian Dior’s first shop. Nothing cheap!

02 – Champs-Elysees avenue

The most famous! We can’t say it! This avenue is enormous and offers a splendid view on the Arc de Triomphe. It is very pretty at night; all illuminated by the lights of the city and cars. Some people think that this is a very “chic” place, there is a wide variety of stores, as well as people walking down the street. You can meet with businessmen (and women!) because there are many offices, Parisians, tourists and suburban youth who love to go out on the weekends.

You can find almost anything you are looking for, such as cinemas, cafes, restaurants (McDonalds at Le Fouquet), CDs and DVDs (FNAC), books, clothing stores (Gap, Celio, Zara, Benetton, Adidas, etc ), Accessories (Louis Vuitton stores), good supermarket (Monoprix) or toy store (Disney …).

03 – Quartier Beaubourg et Les Halles

This is not only one street but a few, around the Pompidou Center, also known as Beaubourg, which is going to seduce you. You will find a diversity of boutiques selling posters and postcards, and some hilarious clothing shops. You are in the 4th arrondissement, but go ahead and cross the Boulevard Sebastopol, then get to the 1st arrondissement.

Quartier Beaubourg

At the Halles Forum, an underground shopping center built on many levels, with all chain stores you can imagine they ever existed. But this place is known for a bad reputation due to the strange people hanging there (drug deals) … Personally, I’ve never had any problems, and I love shopping there! A project came to rebuild everything and make the center safer, open and a friendly place.

04 – Street of Reindeer

A large and long street, located in the sixth department. Between the station Saint-Germain des-Prés at one end and Montparnasse at the other end, you can also get out of the tube at Saint Sulpice, Rennes, or Saint Placide stations! Ruye de Rennes is unarguably one of the best shopping streets in Paris for tons of clothes, accessories, shoes, and boutiques! If you are tired from walking in and out of the shops, then you are not too far from the pleasant and quiet garden of Luxembourg (Jardin du Luxembourg)!

Street of Reindeer

05 – Street Saint-Honoré

Street Saint-Honoré in the 1st arrondissement, is a “chic” place for shopping. You have expensive fashion designer and more moderate boutiques. This is also the street where you will find the Colette (at No. 213), an emporium of designer clothes, electronics, and bookshops, with a library and an exhibition hall.

Street Saint-Honoré

You can keep walking towards the area 8 leaving the Royal Palace behind you, where the street changes its name and becomes Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré.It is all along this road in the 8th district that you will get to see the Elysee Palace, where the president of France lives. Thus, this place has not stolen its reputation as one of the best shopping streets in Paris.

06 – Avenue des Ternes

It is not particularly known by tourists, I love this great avenue in the 17th district, lively and energetic.

Avenue des Ternes

You will find big names like FNAC (books, movies, music, ticket booking for shows) and Darty (household appliances), as well as clothing stores (Naf-Naf. 1.2.3), underwear, supermarket (Monoprix), shoes, bakery (Paul) and typical brasseries or “sandwich” for an exceptional break. You are not far from the Champs-Elysées, where you will see Avenue de Wagram (Place des Ternes towards the Arc de Triomphe), and then turn left.

07 – Boulevard Haussmann

Boulevard Haussmann

This part of the Haussmann’s Boulevard, between the Havre Caumartin and Chaussee d’Antin metro stations in the ninth district, behind the Paris Opera (Garnier), this is where the famous Galeries Lafayette and Printemps department stores are located. Fashion, home decoration accessories, cosmetics, each floor has a theme.

If you’re not still tired, a lot of other stores will be around to visit, such as  H&M, Zara, C&A, Benetton, Uniqlo and too many others!

08 – Street of Rivoli

Located in the 8th position, Street of Rivoli is one of Paris’s longest streets.

Street of Rivoli

Its first part is The most interesting, thanks to the many and various shops that include the most fashionable names in the world. Some houses are still standing since the Middle Age. The stores are full of original designer’s works, clothing, accessories, craft and antique shops. While taking a walk around, do not miss the Rue de Turenne (No. 18 in Antik Batik), rue des Francs Bourgeois, Saint-Paul, and Saint-Paul Village. Part of the Rivoli street, near the Tuileries and the Louvre is full of tourist shops with “Memories” throughout the building with arches.

09 – Street de Passy

This street is located in the 16th department, the classical chic area of Paris. This is a one-way street, very narrow and long enough to be tired from shopping in its end.

Street de Passy

You can get the stations or Passy La Muette, which are located near each end of the street. Here also, you will find yourself surrounded by a variety of “boutiques” (this French term means small shops, where the owners decide what to sell to customers, and are not obligated to sell one brand like franchised merchant), you can find almost everything: shoes, clothes (plenty of shops for children), toys, furniture and home decorations, patisseries, and some Chinese fast food where you can have a snack with your friends.

10 – Street Saint Michel and Saint Germain

Saint Michel

These two boulevards are perpendicular to each other. That is where the shops are numerous and attractive, with a young and relaxed atmosphere. This is the area of Sorbonne university, which will explain to you the number of bars and cafes and bookstores. Take a walk around some small typical streets like Rue de la Huchette, Rue Saint Severin, and Rue de la Harpe.

saint germain street

11 – Famous Shopping Streets in Paris Map

Paris offers many other interesting and unique Streets. Do you have your favorite hidden Shopping Street in Paris, or have you been to one of the Streets we presented in this Guide? Share it with us in comments below.