Things to avoid if you visit Paris

Things to avoid in Paris

You want to enjoy your trip to Paris, you should take this list of things to not do in consideration.

How do I get to the Museum? Don’t ask the Parisians

Things to avoid in Paris: don't ask a Parisian how to get to your destination

Even if they know how to get to the destination, they will not tell you, they not have time, or just they don’t want.

Staring people

Things to Avoid in Paris: Avoid staring people

You have the right to look at your mobile or the ground. It’s all that you have.

You don’t like PSG, keep it for yourself.

Things to avoid in Paris: Don't insult PSG

Maybe Ibrahimovitch can’t attack you for this. But, the supporters, I don’t know. Save your life and shut up.

Remain on the left of the escalator without moving

Things to avoid in Paris: Don't stay on the left of the escalator

Like on road with a car (Not the British road). If you move slowly, it will be better to stay on the right or move your …

Start a conversation in the metro

Things to avoid in Paris: Don't start a conversation in the Metro

Just don’t do it, you can read the news or a book.

Do not stop in the middle of the walkway

Things to avoid in Paris: Don't stop in Middle of walkway

Don’t stop walking. Don’t even think about it.

You Smile, it’s not funny at all !!

Things to avoid in Paris: don't smile

The smile is for idiots and tourists.


Things to avoid in Paris: Tipping

First, They don’t want your money (15% of the price of the services is a pourboire), second they’re not that nice.

Eating a kebab or a panini in Saint-Michel, run for your life.

Things to avoid in Paris: Eating Kebab in Saint-Michel

Keep moving if you want to enjoy your life.

Ask someone to take you a picture

Things to avoid in Paris: Asking someone to take your picture

The answer is No or … None.

Wait for the green little man before crossing the road


Why ???? The cars are already stopped.