Best Things to Do for Valentine’s Day in Paris

Paris is probably the most romantic city in the world. If you’re coming with your loved one, you’ll be in the epicenter of Love. If you’re coming alone or with a couple of friends, we’ll find you some tips to enjoy Valentine’s Day anyway. So read on and discover some of the best things to do for Valentine’s day in Paris.

1- Have a romantic night

Let’s try to be romantic for a minute. One of the first things to do for Valentine’s Day in Paris is to have dinner and book a nice hotel to spend a magical night.

For dinner, I would recommend you try a cruise on the Seine river with the Vedettes du Pont-Neuf company. However, if you rather have a dinner cruise, try the Marina de Paris company. You will enjoy some great food while seeing all the landmarks of Paris alongside the river shine and sparkle.

2- Enjoy the city by night

Another amazing thing to do for Valentine’s Day in Paris, during the night, is to wander around. So after dinner, I would definitively recommend you to for a stroll near the Seine banks. The area around the Louvre Museum is particularly charming at night. If you don’t know the city, try a night tour during which an amazing guide will show you all the beauty Paris has to offer and will share with you the best places to go to with your lover.

3- Visit the lovely Montmartre

Love all around the world, epitomized in 250 languages, 311 times, on the 612 tiles of a wall. “Le mur des je t’aime,” or “the wall of I love you” is the perfect backdrop for any couple-pic. The handwriting, the placement, the sense that it could be chalk scribbled on a board…so romantic.

4- Join a boat cruise on the Seine river

The Seine river delimits the left bank and the right bank of Paris. All about it is so magical. The bridges, the docks, and its historical islands can best be seen during a boat cruise. I strongly advise to join one. It provides a complete new perspective on the city and its monuments! It is the most perfect thing to do for Valentine’s day in Paris. You and your lover will have a great moment because it is so romantic!

 5- Do Something with Love Locks

Despite the fact that padlocks represent declarations of eternal love, some consider their presence on Paris bridges to be distasteful and destructive—which they literally were. 45,000 tonnes of locks were removed from the Pont des Arts bridge in 2014, and semi lock-proof barriers were installed in their place. So, if you’re pro-love lock, head to the Ile de la Cité where there are many bridges and railings, already accumulating locks and happy to hold one more. If you’re anti love-lock, enjoy the mostly lock-free Pont des Arts.

6- Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Up in the air, nothing but clouds around, Paris below, and your love by your side. The biggest hot air balloon in the world, the Ballon de Paris takes groups of people up 150 meters into the sky. Buy your tickets in advance and print them (digital tickets are not accepted).

7- Go Shopping

Roses roses roses everywhere. Roses arranged into hearts, roses with a bottle of champagne, rose-scented perfumes, roses and romance are all around at Au nom de la rose. The ultimate symbol of eternal love—an eternal rose, preserved mysteriously—is available for purchase.

8- Spend an Afternoon at Le Loir dans la Théière

There’s almost always a line out the door and snaked down the block to get into Le Loir dans la Théière. It’s that good. Mismatched couches, tables, and chairs fill the café, its walls lined with old art, theatre, movie posters, and an Alice in Wonderland mural, Le Loir is sure to enchant. Mid-morning is the best time to go, right around 10:00. Hunker down with coffee for a good conversation, then you’ll already be there for lunch when the line starts to form outside.

9- Take a Citroen Vintage Car Tour

U2’s “City of Blinding Lights” playing in the background, your lover’s hand in yours, the city has never looked so alive. A vintage Citroen 2CV car will pick you up anywhere in the 1-8ème arrondissements, and your driver with take you on a guided tour. On the Classic Tour, you’ll see Paris’ 15 biggest monuments for 70€ per person.

10- Get outside at Parc Monceau

Hold hands, breath in fresh air, and wander down the paths of Parc Monceau. Buy coffee and hold hands to keep warm. Admire the majestic Classic Colonnade, and Pyramid of Egypt before going to the statue of Charles Gounod, a famous French composer. Over the last sips of coffee, listen to Gounod’s Ave Maria and Roméo et Juliette.

11- Party with your friends

Finally, if you are single, don’t worry! There are still a lot of things to do for Valentine’s Day in Paris! Let’s keep in mind that all museums and attractions will be open that day. If you’re looking to simply enjoy a good time with your friends, why not have a cocktail at a cozy bar and then go party all night long at one of the best clubs in town.