Paris Attractions : Top Free Fun Attractions for All the Family

Tourists may find Paris an expensive place to visit, but remember, the locals find their entertainment and meet their budgets too. Get the inside information and you can enjoy many free, fun Paris attractions for all the family. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Place Du Tertre.

Place Du Tertre - Paris Attractions

Just walking around the city puts you and the family into the middle of the enchantment Paris corners. Artists flock to the city to paint its scenery and wonders. Most of these paint outdoors in good weather and don’t mind someone watching and admiring their skills. Most children like to see the bright colors of paint and watch how a canvas reveals a picture. They could imagine themselves as an artist doing the same things. Look for one of the most popular gathering places for painters in the Montmarte area near Musee-Picasso and Centre Pompidou.


The River Seine.

The River Seine - Paris Attractions

The river Seine comes into the second place on our list of the top free fun Paris attractions. How about walking along the famous river that divides the city. Criss-cross the river on some of its many unique bridges. Watch the boats as they ply up and down the Seine. Watch the people strolling alongside.


Visit the Ile de la Cite flower market.

Ile de la Cite flower market - Paris Attractions

In addition to the multicolored flowers and many other fascinating items for sale, there are birds: bright-colored parrots, canaries, and chickens. Merchants also display a variety of other animals such as mice and ferrets. Some allow the children to pet the enticing dwarf bunnies.


Plan to go to some of the city’s Beautiful Parks.

Paris Parks - Paris Attractions

All have wide-open spaces for children to run and play. Most provide some playground equipment. The Parc-des-Buttes Chaumont features waterfalls and caves for the children to explore. It also has a carousel and puppet shows. Check schedules for shows, rides, and possible fees. Parc de la Villette has beautiful gardens and playgrounds. Children love the Dragon playground with a dragon slide. Check out the free movie showings in the summer.


The Passage des Princes.

The Passage des Princes - Paris Attractions

On a rainy day, window shop the Passage des Princes. The many toy shops should keep the children fascinated for a little while.


Paris Museums.


For more scholarly entertainment, many of the Paris museums are free. These include the Musee Carnavelet, the Musee de la Vie Romantique, and Musee d’Art. Almost all of the other have certain free days and times each month.


The Effiel Tower

The Effiel Tower - paris attractions

Last and definitely not least gem in our list of the of free and fun Paris attractions is The Effiel Tower. Nearing the bedtime hour, make your way to the Eiffel Tower. After dark over 20,000 tower lights twinkle on for 10 minutes every hour on the hour. That’s a great way to say goodnight to one of the most beautiful cities in the world.